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  02136931336   Anum Estate Building Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi

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SAMAA FM has Pakistan’s most technologically advanced radio network that is not only equipped to deliver best quality radio broadcast but also offers its listeners exciting music and unique mix of programs hosted by Pakistan’ most cherished RJs. With more than 3.9m Facebook fans, more than 170,000 Instagram followers and more than 17,000 subscribers on Youtube, SAMAA FM comfortably leads the Radio Industry of Pakistan in terms of all social media following!

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With numerous awards and accolades to SAMAA FM’s credit, it has consistently outperformed its peers in the industry! SAMAA FM as Pakistan’ No.1* Radio Station for RJ based category. *Source: Radio Score. RJ Sahir Lodhi is the people’s choice as the Favorite RJ as per research and analysis by GroupM Pakistan. SAMAA FM 107.4 Top most advertised station with 18% share of minutes advertised in Karachi, Lahore and #Islamabad. *Research & Analysis is conducted and provided by Media Miles.

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