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Illustrator is available in Creative Cloud All Apps. Students receive the first month free and save over 60%.

Adobe Express is the solution for quick design

With Adobe Express, you can quickly create fresh content, a new logo, and design changes. In dozens of gorgeous templates for social media posts, posters, banners, and more, simply drop your logo and design components. An Illustrator plan includes access to Adobe Express’s premium features. Alternately, test out these features for free.

Remove Background

Resize Image

Crop Image

Logo Maker

Build your brand’s building blocks

Aaron Atchinson uses Illustrator to create logos and icons that look amazing everywhere — from websites to sweatshirts, social to swag.

Create visuals that are bold and versatile.

Design firm The Branding People uses Illustrator to create distinctive marketing images that stretch from the screen to the street by combining forms, color, and font.

Make your pictures perfect.

Customers are attracted by photos of individuals. Additionally, you may use Photoshop to automatically change the characteristics and positions of your subjects without having to reshoot the scene or look for new models.

Create stunning infographics.

With the use of Illustrator’s features, Konstantina Gavalas simplifies complicated data into visuals that organizations can use to see trends, glean insights, and take more informed choices.

Frequently asked questions.

Adobe Illustrator is the industry-leading graphic design tool that lets you design anything you can imagine – from logos and icons to graphics and illustrations – and customize it with professional-level precision, as well as time-saving features like Repeat for Patterns or Global Edits. You can use the graphics you create with Illustrator in any size digital or print format, and be confident they’ll look exactly the way you designed them.  

Yes. You can download it in the App Store, and it’s included in your Illustrator or Creative Cloud All Apps subscription. Illustrator on the iPad is especially great if you love to draw digitally with natural hand movements — for example, by using an Apple Pencil. Find out more about Illustrator on the iPad here

Not at all. With Illustrator, you can use shapes, lines, curves, and edges to create beautiful designs with features like Shape Builder, even if you’ve never drawn a thing in your life. Or, try out customizable templates for when you want to get started quickly on a project. The best part is that you can keep modifying and changing colors, fonts, shapes and more – whenever and as much as you like. 

Both products let you create beautiful, precise designs and graphics. The difference lies in how they’re created. Illustrator is best for creating graphics that can be infinitely scaled up or down without blurring or losing sharpness, since they’re made of points, lines, and curves — not pixels. Use these vector graphics in any format you like — small or extra-large, digital or print. Photoshop, on the other hand, is ideal for working with photos and creating or editing pixel-based, or raster, graphics. Learn more about when to use Illustrator vs. Photoshop here

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