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SFU Technologies contributes to the enhancement of power system performance,
reliability, and efficiency. We play a crucial role in supporting utilities, industries, and organizations in maintaining the integrity of the electrical infrastructure, especially  in an evolving energy landscape with increasing demands for clean energy and grid  resilience

System Modeling

Our company develops mathematical models for different components within a power system to simulate and analyze their behavior.

Load Flow Analysis

We perform load flow analysis to assess how power is distributed across the network and ensure it complies with voltage and current limits.

Short Circuit Analysis

SFU Technologies evaluates the system's fault tolerance by calculating fault currents and assessing protection systems.

Reliability Assessment

The company helps assess the system's reliability, identify potential weak points, and suggest improvements to reduce the risk of power outages.

Renewable Integration

SFU Technologies offers services related to integrating renewable energy sources into the grid, assessing their impact on system stability, and proposing solutions.

Asset Management

The company assists clients in managing their power system assets by evaluating the condition and performance of equipment.

Transient Stability Analysis

The company analyzes the system's ability to maintain stability during disturbances and provide recommendations for improvements.

Electrical Design, Engineering, and Maintenance

Voltage Stability Analysis

Voltage stability analysis helps ensure the system maintains acceptable voltage levels under various operating conditions.

Optimization and Planning

SFU Technologies works with clients to optimize power system designs and plan for future expansion and upgrades, offering cost-effective solutions.

Harmonic Analysis

The company conducts harmonic analysis to identify and mitigate harmonic distortion in the power system.

In Pakistan, SFU offers engineering, maintenance, and electrical design services. These services encompass the design, engineering, and continuous maintenance of electrical systems to guarantee safety, effectiveness, and adherence to industry standards in a variety of sectors