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Dare to Dream Beyond Limits.

Immerse yourself in the forefront of innovation. Summon imaginative ideas to life. Transform perspectives into panoramic horizons. Construct majestic dreams aloft. Utilize uncomplicated text prompts, Generative Fill (beta), and Generative Expand (beta), and watch as your notions embark on uncharted journeys of their own.

Generative AI is now in Photoshop (beta)

Go from your wildest dream to an amazing image in seconds flat. Quickly add, expand, or remove content from your images using simple text prompts. You have to see it to believe it.

Want a fast edit? Announcing Adobe Express.

Want a fast edit? Announcing Adobe Express. One-click picture editing is now quick and simple with Adobe Express. With thousands of exquisite templates for social posts, posters, banners, and more — all included in a Photoshop plan — you can transform your photographs into distinctive content. Try out these resources:

Remove Background

Resize Image

Crop Image

Convert to PNG

Give your company some creative momentum.

Chinzalée Sonami is a ceramicist who sells her vibrant ceramics both online and at retail establishments around the nation. She may change the backdrop of her promotional posters and advertisements in Photoshop to give them a new appearance.

Create a stunning brand.

Meg Lewis creates virtual backdrops and graphics to promote her brand on social media and expand her company. She can combine photos in Photoshop in countless ways to produce original works of art.

Make your pictures perfect.

Customers are attracted by photos of individuals. Additionally, you may use Photoshop to automatically change the characteristics and positions of your subjects without having to reshoot the scene or look for new models.

Frequently asked questions.

Yes, you can use Photoshop to edit videos.

Photoshop is only available as part of a Creative Cloud plan, which includes the latest features, updates, fonts, and more.

You can sign up for a free trial of Photoshop. Or create graphics, collages, flyers, videos, and animations for free with Adobe Express. For on-the-go creativity, you can install Photoshop Express on your smartphone for free.

Yes, students and teachers save over 60% on the Creative Cloud All Apps plan. Find out more here.

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