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Fusion 360 for Product Design

Extend your design and simulation capabilities


What is Fusion 360 for Product Design?

Autodesk Fusion 360 for Product Design is an integrated engineering and design solution for product development organizations. It includes Fusion 360 paired with specialized tools for product development. It is built for organizations that want to increase innovation, reduce development costs, and start manufacturing sooner.

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Product Design Extension

Fusion 360 Product Design Extension provides access to advanced 3D design and modeling tools that simplify the product development process and enable an automated approach to creating complex product designs.


Simulation Extension

Get unlimited access to cloud solves. Use structural, thermal, explicit, and injection molding simulations.

Manage Extension

Fusion 360 Manage Extension unlocks additional data management functionality and manages design changes at any stage of production with the click of a button using pre-built workflows.

Product Design offering benefits

Advanced tools and automation

Access 3D design and modeling tools that are manufacturing-aware and automate design processes

Built-in change management

Manage design changes at any stage of production using pre-built workflows

Improve design performance

Investigate the performance and manufacturability of your design with integrated simulation

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