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Mechanical & Piping Design/Engineering

Mechanical & Piping Design/Engineering

SFU Technologies’ Mechanical & Piping Design/Engineering services are integral to industries such as manufacturing, petrochemical, energy, HVAC, and construction. We prioritize the design, implementation, and maintenance of mechanical systems and piping networks with a strong emphasis on safety, reliability, efficiency, and compliancewith industry standards and regulations. Our expertise ensures that your mechanical and piping infrastructure meets the highest quality and performance standards.

Mechanical Design/Engineering

  • Conceptual and Detailed Design: SFU Technologies excels in
    developing initial concepts and comprehensive plans for mechanical
    systems. This includes careful consideration of component selection,
    system layout, and overall functionality.
  • Machine and Equipment Design: We are adept at designing machinery
    and mechanical equipment for manufacturing processes, incorporating
    components, materials, and automation and control systems.
  • Structural Analysis: Our team conducts rigorous structural analysis to
    ensure the integrity and safety of mechanical systems. This includes
    stress analysis, finite element analysis, and vibration analysis.
  • Thermal Analysis: We evaluate and optimize thermal systems, such as
    HVAC systems, to regulate temperature and enhance energy
  • Materials Selection: SFU Technologies provides recommendations for
    suitable materials for various mechanical components, factoring in
    strength, durability, and resistance to environmental conditions.
  • Prototyping and Testing: We create prototypes of mechanical systems
    and subject them to rigorous testing to verify performance, reliability,
    and safety.
  • Mechanical System Optimization: We focus on enhancing the efficiency
    and functionality of mechanical systems through performance
    improvements and energy-saving measures.

Piping Design/Engineering

  • Piping Layout and Design: Our team excels in developing detailed
    plans for the layout and routing of piping networks, ensuring the
    efficient transport of fluids or gases.
  • Pipe Stress Analysis: SFU Technologies conducts comprehensive
    assessments of the stresses and forces acting on piping systems to
    ensure structural integrity, safety, and compliance with industry
  • Material Selection: We provide expert guidance in selecting
    appropriate materials for pipes and fittings based on conveyed fluids,
    temperature, and environmental conditions to prevent corrosion and
  • Pipe Support and Hanger Design: We design supports, hangers, and
    anchors to secure and maintain the stability of piping systems.
  • Piping System Specification: We specify components such as valves,
    pumps, and instrumentation, ensuring their seamless integration into
    the overall piping system.
  • Pipe Insulation and Heat Tracing: Our services include the
    implementation of insulation and heat tracing to manage temperature
    control and prevent heat loss or gain in piping systems.
  • Fluid Flow Analysis: SFU Technologies conducts fluid flow analysis to
    optimize the movement of liquids or gases within piping systems for
    efficiency and safety.