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Elevate your studio’s creative workflow Creative project management software and review tools for film, TV, and games.


What is ShotGrid?

ShotGrid™ is a production management software, formerly Shotgun Software, that accelerates workflows for creative studios. With ShotGrid, you can

Why use ShotGrid?

Accelerate productions

Set up, track, and schedule every step of your production in ShotGrid.

Collaborate across teams

Browse media, provide feedback, and better inform your creative review decisions.

Integrate creative apps

Boost your studio’s productivity with integrations for all your creative apps.

What you can do with ShotGrid

Supercharge your studio with powerful production tools

What you can do with ShotGrid

Collaborate more effectively in the cloud with ShotGrid & RV

Client Testimonials
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ShotGrid’s ability to automate processes is one of my favorite features. It saves the team a lot of time and effort in managing repetitive tasks.
Dawn Fidrick
Producer, Griffith Observatory
Our pipeline is built for speed and scale, and introducing ShotGrid was integral to managing the influx of data generated by complex productions.
Sean McAlear
Production Manager, Animal Logic
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