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BIM Coordination

Speed up design and coordination workflows with simple automation, end-to-end communications, and widespread accountability, all from a single source of truth.

Better clash avoidance and collaboration in a common data environment


Stay ahead of schedule with tools and integrations that keep your teams up-to-date on changes and progress.

Simple Automation

Get automatic clash detection and change notifications that empower designers and trades to self-check their work, allowing BIM experts to focus on managing high-priority issues.

Insight Driven

Get powerful analytical tools that help leaders predict project outcomes based on data, not bias.

Co-Authoring Enabled

Design together, using Revit cloud work-sharing and collaboration for AutoCAD Plant 3D and Civil 3D.


Higher quality designs, better communication, throughout the project lifecycle

Automated Clash Detection

Upload multi-disciplinary models and automatically detect clashes. Save time reviewing clashes with automatic grouping and dynamic clash tolerance filters.

Connected Issue Management

Easily turn clashes into issues and assign them to the appropriate party to resolve. Track and verify design fixes in the same place.

Transparent Project Status

Get notified on the latest design changes and view the current state of your project.

Coordinated Models

Aggregate and review multi-trade, multi-format models, always from the latest design data.

Revit Cloud Worksharing

Co-design in Revit with extended teams from anywhere, staying focused on the design at hand and meeting project deadlines

Collaboration for Civil 3D

Collaborate on Civil 3D files, data shortcuts, and xrefs from any location with extended teams to move civil infrastructure projects across the finish line.

Collaboration for Plant 3D

Securely share Plant 3D files across teams. Manage permissions, visualize changes, and keep teams on the same page.

Do more with BIM Collaborate & Coordination

Additional Features

Efficient Meetings

Save time reviewing clashes and managing issues with trades and designers. Real-time collaboration gives you instant access to changes, issues, meeting minutes and more.

Integrated Issues

Easily access issues across Navisworks and Revit to fix models, validate designs, and close out issues.

Automated Reporting

Keep track of project accountability and success to ensure everyone stays focused on the same path.

Simple Administration

Easily set up projects and give the right people the appropriate permissions.

Streamline your entire project lifecycle with connected data and teams.

Robust Design Collaboration

Turn design documentation into a robust, project-based record to capture and manage the exchange of design data between project teams.

Central Document Management

Manage docs in a centralized common data environment and ensure teams are working from the latest models.

Proactive Quality Management

Gain visibility into all project issues and resolve them earlier. Reduce costly rework and keep projects on schedule.


Leverage project data and dashboards to identify trends and mitigate risks.

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