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Model building and infrastructure design concepts with real-world context


What is Autodesk InfraWorks?

Autodesk InfraWorks® conceptual design software helps you model and understand design projects, in context. Use it to:

Why use InfraWorks?

Work in real-world context

Bring together extensive data from different sources to ground your designs in reality.

Create accurate, visually rich conceptual designs

Rapidly conceptualize, evaluate, and iterate on roadway, site, rail, water, and other infrastructure projects.

Communicate ideas with stakeholders

Produce photorealistic visualizations to improve understanding and communicate your designs.

What you can do with InfraWorks

Generate rich context models

Aggregate large volumes of data to generate contextual models, seamlessly integrate geospatial data into designs, and model existing conditions that represent built and natural environments.

What you can do with InfraWorks

Visualize design options and communicate design intent

Explore conceptual designs in context that allow you to visualize your project under different weather conditions or integrate your GIS data to explore existing conditions to understand design impacts.

What you can do with InfraWorks

Analyze design concepts with real-world context

Reduce overall design time with automated analysis and design tools. Analyze the impact of the surrounding natural and built environment within your project scope with different simulation tools.

Client Testimonials
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InfraWorks’ storyboarding capability was used to create the visualization for stakeholders to act upon.
Gaurav Sharma
Director of Technology, WDI Studios Pvt. Ltd.
We needed to get away from managing [Glen Canyon Dam] with thousands of 2D drawings.
David Winslow
CAD Manager and Civil Engineer, US Bureau of Reclamation
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